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The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriess

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Have you read ’The 4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferriess? ?

I have and I thought I’d share my biggest takeaway from the book and some other thoughts about it.

I first started reading the ’4 hour work week’ long before I started my business, Hitta Resa .
At that time what I was looking for in the book was tips on how to start up something that could become a business that I could run on minimal amount of time but still get an income from.

With that anticipation I was quite disappointed at first.Tim Ferriess already had a successful company that he now showed me how to work less with and have time for other things.

This actually led me to put down the book and not open it again for a couple of years!
This past summer though, I took it up again and by that time things was different for me. I had now started my business, even though it was just in the beginning stages, I still had it. I had the idea and the beginning of something.

I started to read it again and this time I couldn’t put it down! It was very inspiring and I now wish I had continued reading it the first time. Because later in the book Tim gives us examples of people who started out their brand new business and made it work – without having to work 24/7.

So, I highly recommend this book to everyone that wants to work less and live more! It doesn’t matter if you have a business or not. It will inspire you to take action and hopefully give you some new ideas on how to get your dreams happen!

Have you read it? What was your biggest takeaway?


You can get the book in Swedish by clicking here.
And in English by clicking here.

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